Ways To Get External Links For Your Website

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Ways To Get External Links For Your Website

Post by loveit on Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:48 am

Ways To Get External Links For Your Website

Maybe you can say external link is not the most important reason for ranking in search results. But I think it is still a very important way to develop your website in today and tomorrow. Here are some ways to build external links in my experience.

1, Write articles and submit them to EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare, etc. Good articles will get you more external links highly qualified traffic.

2, Submit your site to DMOZ or other directories. This is an old way. But still very useful today, I think.

3, Ask or answer questions in Yahoo! , forums or blogs with providing your website link. Remember, don't be spamer when you do this.

4, Buy or exchange links with some high PR website. Contact the webmasters of these websites and say what do you want to do.

5, Publish an RSS feed and make the content useful and updated.

6, Find ways to link to authority website in your area, although maybe it is very hard for you.

7, Create a list of best companies or experts in your area. They may link back to you and show off their ability.

8, Buy traffic from GOOGLE, Yahoo or MSN. Some one may find your site and link to you or exchange links with you.

9, Write new, good, unique content for your website. Others will find you and link to you to use your good content.

10, Set up blog in some main blog sites, such as blogger, google community and so on.

OK, these are the ways in my opinion. I think 9 is the most important, because content is King!

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