BIG love or BIG Hate

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BIG love or BIG Hate

Post by 1stuser on Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:25 am

While the father was polishing his new car is if the Son is six years, picking up a stone

The work of the scratches on the side of the car at the top of his anger,

However, if the father takes his son and beat him several times without feeling that he was using the 'spanner'

(Screwdriver usually used by plumbers in the jaw and connecting pipes), which led to the amputation of fingers son in the hospital,

The son asks the father how long it will grow my fingers?

Father was in great pain, the father returned to the car and kicked several times started

When sitting on the ground, looking at the scratches caused by the son and found him to have been written

'I love you, Dad'

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