How big forums start "tutorial"

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How big forums start "tutorial"

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:32 pm

Easy Ways to Get Forum Traffic

Before blogs came out in the open to gain popularity, forums were initially created. Forums are a brilliant thing and made Internet history.

It gained the highest users online. To be part of a certain community online, people must join these forums. Many people join communities where they have the same interests. Many internet marketers capitalized on these forums because they could benefit just by joining forums.

Now, you started your very own forum, the possibility of having a lot of user interaction is really big. You have been expecting traffic, spent a lot of months for your page rank to increase considering it’s at 5, but the problem is, there is no traffic at all.

You have checked your site but there are definitely no members. Now you are wondering what went wrong. No one even signed to join your forum. The very reason why these things happen is that because no one cared to join your forum, and there are no members and there are no posts visible in your forum.

Every user wants to join a large forum where they can share and exchange their ideas and even leave a question for another user to answer. If in case a new member signs up and leaves a question, the chances of that question being answered are very slim, that’s why new users just leave and find larger forums with a lot of members.

So how can you generate forum traffic?

Just follow these steps to get started.

Always start with a smaller forum. You can add less than 10 categories for your site. Just make the very important ones that could attract the users interests. The fewer categories, the easier it is to fill the forum.

This sounds crazy, but this will definitely help. Make bogus users; create different names and different details. Just remember to use the same email if what you did has email activation. This is just to make things easy for you. Then next thing to do is to post as many as you can. You can create threads about topics that are related to your very site. Then you can log on as the other fake user, so you can reply to the posts. Make a lot of threads but make sure that there are 10 replies from the other fake users you have created.

This process can be very time consuming. So you can do different things each day. You can either create a thread for a day or remember to post at least 10 replies to that thread. You can do this for three months or longer.

Now when someone glances at your site, they will actually see that there are many threads. Posts are visible too. So this user will be convinced that there is actually a community in your site. Now this user will start to register and post.

Always remember that you need to keep on track with their threads and posts so you will be able to reply with your own account and with the fake accounts that you have created. When you reply to the new users threads, then they will be very convinced, they will stay in your forum and most likely they will spread the views. Making this requires patience, so be patient enough to succeed.

If in case you don’t want to do this process, you have another alternative too. The only thing that you need is some money, but it won’t hurt. If you are the lazy type, you can go to sites that offer services like these instead of making fake ones.

There are sites that offer these services; they have real users who will enter your forum, sign up and post threads according to the plan that you choose and that will suit your preferences. They will make threads and posts that are much related to the topic in your forum. Now your forums will be loaded with real people, so new users will be convinced to sign up too, like the former process. The only difference is that here there are real paid people. These are some of the ways to get forum traffic. You only need to have patience if you opt to use the manual way if in case you have budget constraints. On the other hand, if you have enough money to pay for sites which offer this kind of service, it wouldn’t hurt. So go on and check what really suits your preferences. The most important thing is to get forum traffic to keep pace with your business.

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