Adobe Photoshop Secrets How To Get Great At Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop Secrets How To Get Great At Photoshop

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:53 am


Photoshop is one of the premier graphic software packages used by a lot of people. Here you
will find an introduction on what the Adobe graphic software is about and how you can use it for
your projects. You will be able to learn the secrets that can help you master this software so that
your projects will appeal to others.
Photoshop is not one of those software programs where you can easily start on your own. You
may want to take your time while using it because you don’t want to go too fast while learning
the ropes. You will learn how to add images, and other tips that you need to know in order to
become a professional in graphics.
There are so many things to do with this graphic software, but it’s important to know the basics
first before you start diving into more advanced features and functions. When you learn to do
one thing, you can move on to other tasks.
In order to get started, you must open the Photoshop software. You will see the Photoshop
desktop. Within the desktop, you will find the following categories: title bar, menu bar, options
bar, status bar, toolbox, image window and palettes.
Within the title bar, you will see the name of the software, along with the most recent name of
the file (if there is one). Each time a file is created, the extension will end with “.psd”.
The menu bar will have different commands to use for your file, such as edit, image, layer,
select, view). There are other commands, but the commands mentioned are some of the ones
that are used most often. You will find the options bar above the menus.
The toolbox bar has tools that are used for images that are in the graphics software. You can
only use one tool at a time. In order to activate it, you must click on the corresponding icon.
These tools are used for many of the Photoshop projects. Here are some brief details on the ones
that most people use:
· Hand – Dragged in order to move an image around.
· Move – To move a certain area, you must click and drag.
· Zoom – Zoom in and out by clicking or dragging.
· Crop – To do this, you must click and drag that certain area; to execute the crop, press
Enter; to cancel the crop, use the Escape key.
· Marquee – The selected images will be clicked and drug
· Type – Using the type tool, click the image where you want to include type.
· Brush – Used for painting brush strokes.
· Eraser – Gets rids of areas that have solid colors.
· Dodge – This tool is used for to lighten any picture wherever you select it.
· Burn – This tool is used to make certain areas on your image darker.
· Wand – This tool is used for colored areas. You can use it to select, erase, color or
At one point or another, you will use these tools from the toolbox bar. They can help you when
you’re creating images, designs or other drawings. The more you use them, the easier it will be
for you to utilize them when the time comes. They can help to enhance the beauty of your work.

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