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Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:15 am

hi my friend and welcome to vixt forums
this is sports forum as you know there is a lot of sports fan around i Thought we need such a thing, and you can include all kind of sports but you still have to fallow this notes bounce
to be sure that your topic will be fixed please read:
1/ please write topics only with subject related to the current forum.
2/ write your topics with English, if you have trouble with English you can write with French.
3/ please make sure that you write your topics with appropriate words or your membership will be under question.
4/ try to create your own topics "subjects" because you'll receive points for original and exclusive topics
5/ this forum is aimed at Arabian community at the first place so write topics that you can find important to such people.
6/ to make it better i hope you invite your friends and be original members so you can be admin or moderator.

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