Turn your home into gallery with a photo canvas print

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Turn your home into gallery with a photo canvas print

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:52 pm

By: Chris Wilks

Gone are the days when you hoard large amounts of old photos in your sideboard or drawers and with the arrival of digital cameras and particularly the fact that most people now have them on their mobile phones, people have hundreds if not thousands of electronic images that should be proudly on display.

The possibilities of what you can do with your images, art and photos are endless. You can print on just about anything you like and a real popular choice of media to print your photos on is canvas. You can print up to whatever size canvas you want. You can go for a portrait, landscape or panoramic. You can have the image printed over one, two or multiple panels.

You can have the image manipulated with the help of graphic artists who have access to the latest photo software. You can have the images in colour, black and white or sepia. You could maybe give the image a colour splash whereby you have a colour image turned into black and white but leave one prominent feature in dazzling colour.

If you can’t choose one particular image then why not create a great personalised gift such as a photo collage which will allow you to put many of your images onto one canvas, again this is created by our graphic artists.

If you are feeling extra creative you can have your images turned into a pop art portrait – by giving them a look and feel of Warhol, Lichtenstein or Opie.

Design-a-Canvas is a dedicated photo lab and pioneer of canvas printing. They have great feedback from their vast number of retail customers over the years and have a large trade following of professional photographers and artists who demand only the highest quality.

With this success in canvas they have now branched into photo cushions and bags and have other great ideas for the future.

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