Xbox 360 Achievements: Microsoft hits another winner

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Xbox 360 Achievements: Microsoft hits another winner

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:59 pm

Xbox 360 Achievements: Microsoft hits another winner
By: Peter de Walt

Video games now reach many different markets instead of just previously adolescent males. The first gamers have grown up, had families, and now people from many age groups play games like those of the Xbox 360. Also, women have made strong gains in the numbers that play video games. All in all, video games, like those of an interactive nature, now feature every social and cultural group. They also have shown to be wanting something to show for their gaming time, and Microsoft has answered their call in its Xbox Live service called Xbox 360 Achievements.

Display of Skill

Xbox 360 Achievements has a many objectives for the game. For example, Halo 3 has a variety of achievements that players can complete offline in single player. Completing each of the nine campaign missions on different levels will finish an achievement. Also, earning rank level, or being the Most Valuable Player in a match, while online, will also complete Xbox 360 Achievements rating. Each game has a number of achievements that players can complete for. Players then receive a number of points for each achievement that they complete.

The most important area of the Xbox 360 Achievements is that others can view players' scores live online. This allows game players to display high scores not unlike those seen on old video game parlors. The main difference here is that its world wide via the internet. Many of the achievements are genuinely hard or almost impossible to complete. These achievements can be viewed as how good a player is. Achievements can most be viewed as a way of ego boosting and show how good someone really is.

With many players utilizing Xbox Live's services, Xbox 360 Achievements has set the example of how to get gamers more interactive and at the same time get a reason for recurring income on a monthly basis. Microsoft has found a way to appeal to the ego of the game player (which was always big anyway). In the future you will see more and more options which allow the player to interact with others online and display the results in a live environment like this. Xbox 360 Achievements allows players to take pride in their accomplishments worldwide, letting them show how good they really are. Who knows could this build self esteem in teens?

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