The world’s cheapest mobile phone

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The world’s cheapest mobile phone

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:03 pm

The world’s cheapest mobile phone
By: David5 Maine5

If the thought of using a computer gives you a headache, then you’re most likely not an admirer of the latest advances in mobile telephone technology.

We now expect a huge variety of mobile phone features to come as standard - even phones given away free with contracts by companies like Vodafone and Orange come with mp3 and video playability, as well as internet access and a digital camera function. But some people simply need their mobile to be a plain ol’ phone.

There are a lot of people out there who simply want a mobile you can send and receive calls and text messages on, and that they can occasionally check the time on. They want a mobile that isn’t going to log on to the internet, at a pound per minute, should it be prodded in the wrong way. They want something that’s still going to function after being dropped for the fifth time, and that doesn’t need to be plugged into the mains every hour.

If I’ve just described the phone of your dreams, then read on, as you’re not alone! Motorola have developed a phone for people like you. The MotoFone, as it is called, was designed with the developing mobile markets of India and China in mind.

This stripped-down unit boasts an incredible battery life, and an unbeatable simplicity of operation. The MotoFone can justifiably lay claim to being the most energy efficient phone in the world, and with the addition of a dynamo, it can be charged by riding a bicycle!

The phone has a lot in common with Motorola’s signature model in the West, the Razr, only it lacks most of that model’s added extras – there’s no access to the web, no camera of any kind, and the screen is a simple black and white.

The MotoFone manages to achieve this by using a new type of display best described as a kind of electronic paper. Unlike our old LCD screens, this type of display does not require any backlight – because it behaves exactly like white paper with black ink on it, making it highly visible in a majority of lighting situations. Although products such as electronic books, watches, and even clothing are in the pipeline, the Motofone is the first mass market product to use this astounding new technology.

Thanks to its simplicity, the MotoFone is one of the cheapest phones to produce, and consequently it is one of the cheapest handsets to buy in the world.

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