Domain Dashboard completely automates managing of multiple domains

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Domain Dashboard completely automates managing of multiple domains

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:07 pm

Domain Dashboard completely automates managing of multiple domains
By: David Parker

Domain Dashboard - the Lazy Man's Key to Domain Management!

Create hundreds of domain accounts at one time with the push of a button - you'll save tons of time from your building process and put yourself on the fast track to greater Internet riches!

Send your search engine rankings soaring - you'll be able to conduct backlink searches on Yahoo, MSN and Google … you'll be able to instantly identify pages that have been indexed by the major search engines... plus, you'll be able to monitor your rankings in all the major search engines so you'll always know instantly how you are doing... in short, you'll have everything you need to dramatically improve your rankings.

Manage all your WHM and cPanel accounts from one control panel - that's right no more shuttling between programs and using different login info to access your servers.

Have all your domain information automatically entered - think of all the time you’️ll save not having to enter information for each and every one of your websites!

Automatically login to all of your WHM accounts and domain cPanels with a simple click of your mouse - now all your important business information never has to be more than a click away.

Automatically know when and how many pages are indexed for all of your websites - so you will know right away when a site loses pages and you’️ll also know which domains to renew and which ones to let go in the future.

Keep track of when search engine spiders visit your websites - so you'll know if your website creation efforts are paying off and if a technique you are using is losing its effect

Domain Dashboard completely automates the most tedious webmaster tasks associated with managing multiple domains, saving you days of time.

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Author: Peter Wilson Product page link: Postal address: Tried Tool, Pacific Business Centre, P.O. Box 34069 #381, 98124-1069 Seattle, United States of America

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