Learn How to Take Good Photographs-Pick Good Subjects

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Learn How to Take Good Photographs-Pick Good Subjects

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:01 am

Learn How to Take Good Photographs-Pick Good Subjects

Learn How to Take Good Photographs-Pick Good Subjects by Constantine Jameson

The most important aspect in photography after selecting your camera is to select what you will be photographing. Lighting is also very important but if you don’t have a camera and you don’t know what you will be photographing you cant adjust the lighting or set the right angle. One thing that most people can agree to is that there are countless questions when it comes to photography. People go to photography school to learn how to take a photograph and what is the right kind of lens or the right kind of lighting but it will be up to you to pick the subject of a photograph. Most photographers whether they are professional or not tend to decide on a medium before they start to work, every artist does. Just like every other art photography requires the photograph taker to have a certain kind of talent in selecting its subjects. In order to decide what to shoot with your photographic camera, whether it is a digital camera or a film camera one must think about all their interests. Once you outline all the things you are interested in the most you will find many ideas on subjects. After deciding on a subject you can then figure out a course of action, meaning how you are going to go about finding the thing you would like to photograph. It will all depend on what you choose to photograph. For instance if you decide to take photos of a landscape then you will have to find the one that is best. Perhaps you might want to take a photograph of a familiar landscape or if not then go someplace you have never been before, a new location. Choosing the landscape should depend on your traveling abilities. In general once you choose your medium you will then go in search for a subject. The subject that speaks to you the best is the one that you should choose to shoot. After you decide on a subject then you must figure out an angle to shoot from. A different angle could produce many different results and so will different lighting. In order o minimize your costs, of you are a beginner photographer and you have several uncertainties it is best to use a digital camera so you wont have to print and reprint photos to see which one is the best. Having a digital camera is the best way to help you validate your decisions on subjects fast. All you need to do is to look at the photo you took right away and decide if you need to take it again. To choose a subject you will need a good eye for detail and observation and in most cases the best subject is not the one you can see with a plain eye. You need to see it through the photograph itself. How you choose the subject will depend on what is available, the angle and the light. You never know where you will find a picture just waiting for you to click a picture. Photography can be tricky but can be very rewarding. As you get better at taking the pictures, you can then start displaying your pictures for others to see and possibly buy. Remember that the most important thing in photography is your subject and the best way to practice is with a digital camera.

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