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List of C++ Resources

Post by 1stuser on Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:15 pm

I see so many people here saying "I can't do this, I need a tutorial. Where can I find a tutorial about..."

But, before I start: GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! Don't be afraid to try searching a few different things before you find the result that you need!

Also, I'm not just going to go to Google and pick out the top ten results... these are the sites that I have learned from, and find them particularly useful.

Try this site for a massive collection of FREE computer books ~ covering programming, computer science and much more!
Also, this site offers free books, too! ~ thanks to vikas1234!

MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network) - Thanks NickDMax, how could I forget that?

Stuck with pointers? Try this video for beginners.

Precedence Chart - Thanks to Cerolobo!

C++ Optimizations - Thanks to NickDMax

Varied Tutorials
you may have already covered a lot of the stuff on those sites, right?
Ready to start graphics programming? There is a whole range of graphics
libraries, and an even wider range of tutorials for each one.

Graphics: Somehow I managed to miss this thread in the Game Programming forum... Lots of nice links there
Some of the most common graphics libraries are:

  • relisoft has some nice beginner tutorials
  • FunctionX has some detailed tutorials on the Win32 API
  • FunctionX [again] for those of you who have Visual Studio

there are more, so if you have any suggestions, please post them here!
I'll edit this list and credit you for your additions

Also, scroll down a little to find Cerolobo's post about the standards

Thanks to Bench for the following list!
FAQs - C++ FAQ - comp.lang.c FAQ alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ FAQ

Useful C++ articles/reference resources - Dinkumware's C++ Libraries Reference manual - Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage - A superb collection of assorted C/C++ tutorials - The correct C++ tutorial - Beej's Network Programming Guide
Discussion of the use of const

Books - Association of C and C++ Users - for C++ book reviews - the EFNET #C++ Recommended reading list Bruce Eckel's free E-book Thinking in C++ 2nd Ed.

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