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Which BitTorrent client is rated the fastest?

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Which BitTorrent client is rated the fastest? Empty Which BitTorrent client is rated the fastest?

Post by Admin Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:28 pm

Which BitTorrent client is rated the fastest? None other than BitComet. After reading various reviews and speed tests, BitComet comes out on top with it’s aggressive downloading protocols and standards. In fact the original BitTorrent Downloader falls flat on it’s face in comparison to BitComent.
TorrentFreak did a speed test among various BitTorrent clients to help reveal which client really is the fastest. Overall, they rated uTorrent as the winner based on memory usage and features (BitComet does have a tendacy to get baned by torrent trackers.)

FileShare Freak did a BitTorrent client speed test and found, despite a difference in features, BitComet did overal download files faster than other clients out there.Though it does use a bit more RAM than usual, it does seem to work the fastest.

Personally Iuse BitComet to download torrents, getting speeds of up to 700k much faster than my previous choice, Graboid. If you ever needed a good Graboid alternative, then switch to BitComet

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