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100 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

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100 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Empty 100 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Post by Admin Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:05 am

We are all always trying to get more traffic. Without it why bother having a blog. Below I’ve made a list of 100 ways you can improve your traffic. Enjoy.
Write lists about how to get more traffic to your blog.
Write about Google, Digg and other hugely popular sites.
Be provocative.
Be polite.
Ask people to comment.
Break news.
Post regularly.
Use social networking sites like crazy.
Link to your posts in popular forums.
Make your RSS subscribe button very noticeable.
Provide an email subscribe option.
Be extremely opinionated.
Write eye catching blog post titles.
Use a top commentators plugin to improve comments.
Use a threaded comment plugin to provoke discussion.
Be controversial.
Be original.
Give good advice.
Give your readers free stuff.
Write for humans, not Google.
Give people free reviews.
Write to the best of your literal ability.
Don’t pander to the majority.
Blog obsessively.
Become top commentator on big traffic blogs.
See what big blogs are doing and do more.
Be arrogant.
Be humble.
Contradict yourself.
Be yourself.
Write posts that will benefit people.
Do occasional wacky posts.
Use images in your posts.
Make a fresh design.
Compliment other bloggers.
Disagree with big bloggers, provoking them to respond.
Do parody blogs.
Answer your reader’s questions.
Use a top posts plugin.
Don’t have any ads.
Write as much unique content as possible. Avoiding any borrowing, semi-duplicating or re-wording.
Write naturally.
Use correct grammar.
Write in your own language. If it’s not English, don’t write in English to compromise for bad grammar.
Write about making money.
Write about blogging.
Absolutely focus only on the enjoyment people will get from your blog. Make it the best quality you can and the best resource you can.
Write about what you love.
Write about what you hate.
Become an authority.
Prove your knowledge.
Write what you would like to read.
Post at peak times.
Write about things that appeal to the masses.
Write about things which appeal to a small obsessed group.
Share your knowledge.
Give contact details.
Buy links.
Buy reviews.
Try and become a guest poster on a popular blog. Be persistent.
Submit your best and longest posts to article directories.
Share the love with a blogroll.
Use Blogrush.
Use Technorati.
Write about news other bloggers are missing.
Use YouTube and other video sites to market your blog.
Brand your blog, make it unique.
Be passionate.
Don’t compromise your personality or style.
Don’t swear.
Swear intensively.
Be professional.
Encourage your readers to digg your posts.
Use social networking buttons, on all posts.
Keep your blog clean and uncluttered.
Don’t sell out.
Write in unbelievable detail.
Purposely miss things out to provoke people to correct you.
Be generous.
Make your blog as different as possible.
Use interactive features like polls and surveys.
Let your readers know about great little known resources.
Take criticism.
Admit your faults.
Create bragging rights.
Figure out what makes other blogs successful and try and emulate that.
Never copycat posts.
Give people credit.
Ask any bloggers in creation for a shout-out. For something in return.
Make your SEO as good as possible.
Do what ever you can to create backlinks.
Think viral.
Make your blog as easy to navigate as possible.
Be patient.
Spend entire days focusing on nothing but getting more traffic.
Rack your brain to write posts nobody else can think of.
Don’t get sloppy.
Add as many friends to your social networking profiles as possible. Never stop.
Never give up.
Be honest.
Well done for reading this unbearably long list. Post any ideas you have in a comment.

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